Treatment Details

Duration is usually an hour except the first time as this includes detailed discussion about your health and lifestyle (standard charge still applies). Treatments for the young or very frail may be covered in half-hour sessions.

Comfortable, loose clothing is recommended.

You need to remove shoes and socks. We clean your feet before treatment, so please don’t be concerned about this.

Sometimes an area may feel tender or sensitive and many of the sensations involve tingling, warmth, coolness or a buzzing feeling which all suggest that something is happening to the energy in the body.

Please click for more information regarding Fertility and Maternity, Stress or Treatment Fees.

Every client responds to a therapy in a different way but we suggest at least four initial sessions to allow us to make a proper assessment of the potential benefits. For some it can take time for the body to rebalance but improvements may still be seen in the early days.

To sustain a feeling of well-being, clients often decide to have maintenance sessions at four to six weekly intervals. Others return when a problem occurs.

Clients can enjoy one-off relaxation sessions as and when they wish. For this reason, gift vouchers are available for you to give to those who need a bit of pampering and relaxation.

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